Pediatrics Association Continues To Lose Credibility

In response to the news article, Pediatricians offer first report on organic foods; I have to comment on how misleading and narrow sighted this report was. While claiming that “organic foods” are not safer or more nutritious then conventionally grown foods, the report admits that “Theoretically, there could be negative effects, especially in young children with growing brains,” and concluding that “organic” fruits and vegetables can reduce pesticide exposure then goes on to admit that no long-term controlled studies have ever been done to study the nutritional differences between the two.
Basically, this was another hit piece based on junk science with the intention of telling people they are unnecessarily concerned about our current industrial food system. The growing “organic” industry is proof that families are concerned about the safety of our food supply, and with the increase of child obesity, diabetes, cancer and many psychological disorders, their concern is well justified.
When it comes down to it, “organic” and conventional food faces the same issues when it comes to freshness. Common sense tells us that local and fresh food will be far superior in nutrition as compared to those that travel 1500+ miles with weeks of refrigeration.
Families who are most concerned about the quality and nutrient density of their food should look at buying from local producers. It’s not only healthier for our families, it’s healthier for our local economy and our local environment. Basically, we need more people working the land and we need to spend more of our food dollars investing in our own local community. Worst case scenario: we eat well.