Grazing with Portable Fencing

After seeing our portable grazing program during the Symposium a few have asked where to get the supplies:

Solar charger (doing the research I have found this one to be more powerful)… http://www.kencove.com/fence/Solar+Energizers_detail_EMS.php

Charger (this has been sufficient for our 12 acre intensive program)… http://www.premier1supplies.com/detail.php?prod_id=393&cat_id=54

Reels (you will need at least 6 reels, these are the ones we use and are most economical)… http://www.kencove.com/fence/Reels_detail_RNR.php

Twine (this has very high conductivity)… http://www.kencove.com/fence/Twine+(Electric)_detail_R5GW.php

Reel Brackets for wooden posts (also available for T-posts at a higher price)… http://www.premier1supplies.com/detail.php?prod_id=455&cat_id=49

Our favorite insulators for posts… http://www.premier1supplies.com/detail.php?prod_id=24422&cat_id=46

Poultry Netting (We have some 5 years old and they are still working great)… http://www.premier1supplies.com/detail.php?prod_id=20170&cat_id=53 Kencove will be the ones we will try in the future, a little cheaper, and free shipping!!! https://www.kencove.com/fence/Electric+Net+Fencing_detail_NSPCG.php

Everything else you can get locally

- Farmer Brad

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Dan Rea said...

Brad, surfing I found your website. Thank goodness. My wife and I own a 20 acre farm in Miyazaki, Japan.
This summer has been wet, and our corn crop is basically a loss. Our cattle, chickens and pigs are happy though.
The problem is that there is a fungus that has developed on our reserve lots. The peas and clover are dying from this. The local extension agent and the Japan Agriculture agent are as useful as t**s on a bull.
Do you know what I can do to kill this fungus off? It is a yellow, powdery thing that just takes over the vegetation.
If you have any ideas, let me know. Thanks, Dan. Miyazaki, Japan

Michael@greenakeys.com said...

The Kencove poultry netting is awful. Dont waste your time. I bought 8 sections of 164 foot Kencove poultry netting. There are a couple of MAJOR differences in quality between the Kencove and Premier fencing. The Kencove poultry net posts are made with a slightly smaller diameter post. This means it does not go into the ground as well, especially if the ground is frozen or rocky. The double spike step ins are not welded but are a continuous piece of metal and it bends too easily. The second problem we had with the Kencove poultry netting is that the top strand of nylon that runs across the top of the posts is NOT connected to the post like the Premier fencing is. The Premier poultrynetting has a channel in the top of the post so the top strand can sort of "click" into and though it can be removed, it does not come out of place. The Kencove fence posts CONSTANTLY come unattached from the top strand of the fencing and get tangled up as you are moving the fence. Hugely annoying.

The Kencove fencing is only maybe 4 or 5 dollars a roll cheaper, not worth the savings, IMO. Plus, the rope ties that are on the end posts are nylon and do not stay tied very well. They are too slippery to keep the knots tied well.

You will do well to stick with the Premier fencing. Kencove does have better energizers, I guess. They do not come with batteries and the instructions are very lacking. I bought 2 energizers and they dont have alligator clips to easily hook the battery into the energizer. Not sure why not. Very frustrating.

Also, Kencove sells some ground rods that have a round "pounding" thing on the top. I bought three. They all rusted out and are useless now.

So, I would stick with the Premier products. I do like the reels I bought at Kencove, but I also like the Premier polywire better than the Kencove stuff.

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