Cover Cropping Systems for the South

Farmer brad discusses his intensive cover cropping system for vegetable growers in the South. This was a presentation given at the Texas Organic Farmers & Gardeners Assoc. 2011 Conference. You can follow along with his power point presentation by clicking this link: http://www.homesweetfarm.com/CoverCroppingSystems.ppt

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Chinese Eat Organic Out of Fear of Their Own Food Supply

Interesting article in USA Today points out that even the Chinese are afraid of eating their own mass produced food.  You know something is seriously wrong with this picture!  Definitely shows the need for increased food inspections on imported food.  Currently, the FDA inspects less than 1%!  READ THE ARTICLE >>


Farmer Brad on NaturalNews.tv

In case you missed it... a few weeks ago, we were visited by Mike Adams, The Health Ranger.  Mike had a camera and I had a soap box... you can imagine the result.  Given the opportunity, I sounded off about the potential impacts of the Food Safety Modernization Act on small local farmers.  We have had a great response from around the world.  To check it out... you can view the article and the video interview online at NaturalNews.tv... follow this link... http://bit.ly/hO4nAm

Yours in the local harvest,
Farmer Brad


Farm Scenes at HOMEsweetFARM

2011 CSA - Now accepting new members

Although we are Houston's first and largest Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm, we are NOT into being BIG.  In fact, we are currently downsizing, focusing on our committed member base by serving them the highest quality 100% local food available.  We are NOT here to feed ALL of Houston...  We are here to feed a small community who is committed with us in restoring our local food system, for the health of all involved.

Space is limited and many dropsites will fill-up quickly this season!  More info is available here...