Farmer Brad on NaturalNews.tv

In case you missed it... a few weeks ago, we were visited by Mike Adams, The Health Ranger.  Mike had a camera and I had a soap box... you can imagine the result.  Given the opportunity, I sounded off about the potential impacts of the Food Safety Modernization Act on small local farmers.  We have had a great response from around the world.  To check it out... you can view the article and the video interview online at NaturalNews.tv... follow this link... http://bit.ly/hO4nAm

Yours in the local harvest,
Farmer Brad


Anonymous said...

Brad, that was a great interview. These are the reasons that we are committed to your CSA and your righteous food! We totally trust you to give us great, safe food. Thanks!

Boundary Creek Farm said...

Hi there,
I just found your blog and subscribed for future posts. Looking forward to it! I run a CSA in Manitoba, Canada, together with my family. We sell over 100 shares, but like you say, we are not here to get big. Rather, we hope to encourage more folks to start farming and discover the opportunities and quality of life we have found! Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

you're awesome. just an FYI.

Tobey said...

I would like to have you recommend any publications, etc., that would teach us how to garden sustainably, like you do! I have sent email so hopefully you can use that format to answer, if you have the time. I have a lot of information but feel it is scattered in my brain and need it to be more 1, 2, 3ish if you get my meaning. Thanks.