New Bird Flu Outbreak In Vietnam

A recent report by the BBC news raises more questions.

The recent outbreak of avian flu in Vietnam fails to generate serious concerns, and raises more questions on how the media and government works to create public fear. The report mentions that the outbreak affects over 6,000 poultry hatched illegally. Obviously, any production this size comes from a commercial operation, not by a sustainable small farm producer. It leaves us wondering why the news report fails to give these details? Half truths, as usual. What are the details, and when did hatching eggs become illegal?

The report also points out that 154 people have died globally, in three years. Compare that to traffic accidents, and maybe we should consider illegalizing automobiles, and how many people die every year to the common flu?

Unfortunately, this is another example of media/government spin, and they will continue to use this flu as an excuse to end all small producers who raise their poultry drug-free and outdoors the way nature intended.

View the BBC report here... http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/asia-pacific/6195545.stm

Real prevention for avian flu, and all illness, is by maintaining a healthy immune system, not by vaccines and factory farming. Let's use a little common sense, and not be swayed by media hype and scare tactics. Buy local, buy fresh!

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