Cloned Cows Continue...

Transgenic science is getting out of control, and the recent news reports are bringing it to light. I wonder if they expected no one to notice all this breaking news during the busy holiday season. Now they tell us that they are cloning cows without the prion proteins that cause the mad cow disease. But don’t worry, these beeves are not meant for our food supply, they “were created so that human pharmaceuticals can be made in their blood”, i.e. future vaccines against Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, worth billions to the drug industry.

The Washington Post article published Dec. 31, 2006 quotes “Barbara Glenn, director for animal biotechnology at the Biotechnology Industry Organization, a Washington industry group that counts among its members Hematech, the Sioux Falls, S.D.-based company that created the gene-altered cattle. ‘This shows the application of transgenics to improving livestock production and ultimately food production.’"

How can science improve anything? They forget that the cause for mad cow disease is conventional agricultural practices, feeding animal by-products to animals that were designed by our Creator to forage on grass. Just as e-coli 0157 is caused from feedlot grain-fed contaminated cow feces. Now science can come up with a new profit driven solution to the problems that they have created.

The real solution is not releasing more unproven science; we need to get back to nature. Animals need to leave the feedlot, and return to the farm. Artisan farmers need to be restored, producing food that has brought about thousands of years of healthy civilization. The modern food system is moving us backwards as food contamination becomes the norm. Farming has changed over the last 30 years, and the problems will not be remedied with radiation, genetic modification or cloning. We need to buy local food from the family farms that we can trust.

This phenomenon is being driven by industry bulldogs, and is allowed unchallenged by our compromising government. The governments power is to be given by the people, and the people do not want this new technology unlabeled in our food supply, as meat and milk from cloned animals is improved by our FDA. When are they going to hear our voices?

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