Farmer Brad Testifies at TX House Ag Committee Concerning NAIS and HB461

I spent the day Tuesday, Feb. 27th at the capitol testifying in support of Rep. Miller's HB461 which limits the Texas Animal Health Commission's plan for Animal ID to be a voluntary program, with full disclosure and non- discrimination for those who choose not to participate. This bill also allows those who have been coerced into registering their premises to opt out, and to be deleted from the data base.

Tuesday's session was completely different then the day I spoke before the Senate Ag Committee a few months back. BIG business was no where to be found except the Farm Bureau and Dr. Hillman, E.D. of the TAHC. There was overwhelming support for the bill putting restrictions on the TAHC's authority to create a mandatory program at their discretion.

To watch the video archive follow these links:

Morning Session - includes Judith McGeary's testmony (from Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance), along with Chairman Miller's eloquent introduction on how this program is not needed.

Afternoon Session
- includes Farmer Brad's testimony (second to the last) along with an excellent testimony from an experienced veterinarian, and the shameful testimony from the Farm Bureau and Dr. Hillman, E.D. of the TAHC.

Don't forget the Don't Tag Texas Rally this Friday at the capitol March 2nd... click here for the details. BRING THE WHOLE FAMILY!

BE ACTIVE! Show up for the rally or contact your Representative telling them to support HB461.

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