Ripe Target

A recent article in the Guardian Newspaper is reflecting upon Whole Foods which is soon to open it's new store in London, England. This will be an interesting endeavor, and I can't help to be concerned and inspired by Whole Foods who has really been one of our greatest advocates for organic food in America. But, Whole Foods is currently stuck between a rock and a hard place, where becoming BIG is almost synonymous with becoming evil. Don't get me wrong, Whole Foods is probably the best when it comes to being a conscientious retailer; they are definately at the top of the list. It basically comes back to the food consumer who demands produce out of season, requiring massive transit and exploited labor from foreign countries. Thus the power is in our hands, the conscientious consumer.

Check out the article... It features myself and my friends, Jason Duran from Whole Foods, Carol Ann Sayle of Boggy Creek Farm and Joan Gunderman of Gunderman Farm. Let's help Whole Foods do the right thing... Buy local, buy fresh, at the least support American farmers.

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