Vegetables of Mass Destruction: Sneaky provisions threaten your food supply

Picture yourself eating healthy, fresh, flavorful foods, raised by local farmers who care for their land and their animals in a way that improves the environment, supports local economies, and promotes animal welfare. This vision stands in stark contrast to the current mainstream food supply, controlled by large industrial agriculture companies. In pursuit of the greatest profits, they have sacrificed people's health, environmental quality, and any trace of compassion for animals.

Growing numbers of farmers and consumers share a vision for change,one that promotes healthy people, animals, and the environment. But thelarge industrial agriculture companies are seeking government help to preserve their market control and profits in the 2007 Farm Bill. Beforeyour eyes glaze over at the words "Farm Bill," ask yourself whether youwant to be able to get local, grass-fed meats and eggs. Hormone-freemilk? Organic foods free from genetically engineered contamination? Achoice whether or not to buy genetically engineered foods? If any ofthese things matter to you, then the Farm Bill affects your life – it’s about your food!

Two sneaky provisions in the Farm Bill could force sustainable farmers out of business and cut off local control of food safety.

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