“You Changed My Life!”

This is a comment I recently received from one of our faithful CSA members last weekend during our Monthly Market Day. It’s a remarkable statement, and really one of the most fulfilling rewards anyone could receive, to hear that you have impacted someone’s life for the better. It’s understandable if you are a mother, teacher, doctor or minister, but a farmer? It seems a little strange that we can change people’s lives with our "simple" work.

Real food and fresh food has become extraordinary in America. Our work is reuniting people with one of the most basic and elemental necessities in life. We try not to take it for granted, eating fresh and in season everyday. “You changed my life” seems incredibly profound, but it is something that I have been experiencing more frequently. At least once a year I hear this feedback from our members, and it always stops me in my tracks as I have to gulp back the tears realizing that the path we have chosen as farmers is to serve others and to love our neighbors with blood, sweat and tears. These words are what keep me going. They make it all worth it. Thank you!

Yours in the harvest!

-Farmer Brad

PS: May our humble works inspire you to be a local food evangelist in your community. Have you hugged your farmer today? (They could use one.)

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