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This year, I have been consulting Marie Tedei on starting her new CSA farm in Balch Springs, near Dallas/Ft. Worth. She just recently had an article in the local paper, and it is very encouraging to see the community getting excited to have a small farm in the area. Marie just started breaking ground to launch her winter garden, "if you build it, they will come." Farm on Marie!

Let this bring hope to those still dreaming about it...

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Marie said...

Thanks Farmer Brad - for all of your help and encouragment! We have seedlings coming up in flats and will be planting herbs tomorrow. I'm encouraged by the excitement and graditude expressed by the locavores here in DFW. It is I who am grateful to them for allowing me the opportunity to do this. I can't wait to be able to stay here full time so I can dedicate more time and effort to doing more for them.

Glad you all are ok from Ike - 1 inch of rain and some branch rattling (not to mention nerves).

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