Food Safety Enhancement Act - HR 2749

Never before have I been so concerned about our local food economy then I am right now. As if the National Animal ID System (NAIS) wasn't enough, the new Bill HR 2749, Food Safety Enhancement Act, will directly impact ALL local food production and our few remaining artisan food makers and small family farms through onerous regulations. If this bill passes, local food may need to go completely underground to survive (which is the current trend). Who would have imagined that our country could regulate local food out of the marketplace (which is currently less than 1%), but it is happening, right now before our own eyes. Please take the time to read about the alarming provisions in this bill, and then take action by signing the petition to oppose HR2749. If you are anywhere in the South, plan on attending the up-coming Farm & Food Leadership Conference this Sept. 14 &15 in San Antonio, TX to find out more about this and other policy issues relating to our local food.

May God be with us all!

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