HR2749 - Passes the House

The Food Safety Enhancement Act passes the US House! It's incredible but true. Just after a few weeks being rushed through committee, and thanks to congressional leaders who opted to fast-track the new law, HR2749 passed the house with little debate and was last minute amended to exempt small farmers and local food artisans who sell 50% or more direct to the customer. More than likely this Bill will be fast tracked through the Senate this fall, so we have the rest of summer to contact our Senators to voice our disgust for their misguided concern over our "food safety". Local food advocates can print this flyer to inform others before its too late.

The FDA is apparently ready to take full use of their new unchecked authority. The day before HR2749 passes in the House, the FDA, with backing from BIG business, released draft guidance for melons, tomatoes and leafy greens. This is sure to only be the beginning for more formal regulations that will challenge how organic and local food is produced and handled.

As a small farmer we are concerned that we will be regulated and bullied out of business. In fear of warrantless searches of business records, increased record keeping, new federal fees, fines and penalties (up to 10yrs prison and $100,000 per offense), along with increased domestic scrutiny (while less than 1% of imported food is currently inspected). At the very least we will see a rise in food prices as American farmers will be heavily burdened and priced out of the global market. This "one-size-fits-all regulatory scheme" is not good for anyone except BIG business and industrial farming.

From the local food front, Farmer Brad


Haley said...

I've been trying to open the flyer but with no luck - is the link bad or did the flyer get removed?

Farmer Brad said...

The link still works when I tried it, you may need Adobe Reader to open it.