Raw Milk Bill in Texas

Check out this informative info put out by the Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance on the Raw Milk Bill that will increase availability of raw milk in Texas.  Spread the word!  http://www.digitalnewsrelease.com/index.php?q=Raw_Milk


teachercarol said...

I love to listen to judith speak. She has such an articulate manner and presents such clear, concise information. Thank you for the effort to keep us informed about farm to consumer direct links!!
Carol Kelley (Brookshire)

teachercarol said...

Carol Kelley (Brookshire)

spotts said...

I don't drink milk, but if IDid, I would want it to be from healthy cows.

Maria McC, Houston said...

Hi, newbie here. Great news!
I would LOVE to be able to find raw milk here in Houston. My son and husband are BIG milk drinkers and scares me knowing the regular store's milk it has a high content of estrogen -among other stuff- in the fat. I give them skim milk trying to avoid that but it would be fantastic to find "real milk" to give them. I fix also our own cheese and use the whey "leftover" to fix pasta, bread and all sort meals increasing the protein level replacing the water for whey.
I can't wait to being able to buy "real milk" here in my area.