Farming With A Face

August 1, 2008

Texas Agriculture Magazine/Texas Farm Bureau

By Mike Barnett, Editor

Brad Stufflebeam admits it took a little getting used to. It seemed a bit silly to this agricultural entrepreneur when his customers started calling him "Farmer Brad."

Not any more. A pioneer of the local food movement in the Lone Star State, Farmer Brad now wears his nickname as a badge of honor.

What was traditional a century ago—growing food locally and selling it to your community—is untraditional in agriculture today. But this niche market is expanding. And a generation removed by three is coming back into agriculture to meet that demand, riding the crest of a new wave in growing and marketing food.

Brad calls it "farming with a face."


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The Kramer Family said...

Congrats you guys! What a great story.

Hope y'all are doing well!

Lynsey Kramer
Yonder Way Farm