Tropical Depression Edouard

Not a drop! Rain all around us, and it just circled around the farm again. Unbelievable.


Kramer said...

I know what you mean. How can this happen. Dolly gave us a whopping 2/10", but I thought for sure Edouard was going to be the one we needed. 4/10".

Well, time to turn the irrigation back on. Thought we were going to get to give it a break.

I had a question about miniature horses. I saw at market days that your girls had one and I am seriously thinking about getting our girls one. Do yall sell them or did yall get yall's from a breeder.

Thanks and keep your heads up.

Farmer Brad said...

Those ponies were actually brought over by sancreekfarm.net They are bringing them down from Ohio, and we have them searching for one for our girls. In fact, that's all the talk about around here... pony,pony,pony. I hope they bring them out again for next market day. It was a big hit.