Eight Reasons to Eat Our Food

1.   Eat More Healthily. Having fresh produce delivered conveniently to your neighborhood on a regular schedule is essential to obtaining the recommended 7-9 daily servings of fruits and vegetables.
2.   Local Farmers. Unlike many produce delivery services who buy out of state produce from a warehouse and repack it, we grow our food and have been the first CSA farm serving Houston since 2005.
3.   Nutrition. Grocery store produce is often over a week old, losing more nutritional value each day after harvest. Our produce is picked daily and delivered fresh from our fields to your family.
4.   Community Supported. Your seasonal support makes our farming possible.  Rather than going to a bank to finance the season, our customers are personally committed to seeing our local food supply restored.
5.   Convenience. Our produce is delivered to local dropsites around Houston and outlaying communities.  You can choose which location is most convenient for your family.
6. Variety and Selection. In addition to our fresh produce, members can purchase other items from local family farms to be delivered weekly, including grass-fed beef, pastured poultry, eggs, artisan cheese, eggs and much more.
7.  Sustainable. We grow non-GMO vegetables, utilize organic growing methods and work with draft horses on our farm to minimize fossil fuels and outside inputs.  We are committed to our land and the health of our community.
8. Transparency. We maintain our website, our Blog, Twitter, Facebook, a weekly email update for our members and we open our farm every third Sunday of the month to our members and the general public.  We want to help connect you to where your food comes from... a REAL small family farm, NOT from a grocery store and wrapped in fancy packaging.  This is the real deal, from real people growing righteous food.

If you live in Houston, join our CSA and enjoy righteous food... www.homesweetfarm.com