CSA video podcast by TX A&M

This is an educational podcast produced by Texas A&M Soil & Crop Dept. It is a great introduction into Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) and features our farm with scenes including myself giving a tour, my muddy boots, spring chicks and our farm dog "Sunny".

Farmer Brad

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Melly Ann said...

So informative! I will be forwarding this Thank you.
My husband and I have a strong desire to start a farm for so many reasons. Right now, we're trying to become as knowledgeable as we can be on what we're getting into.
We feel that this is something we need to do, to grow our own food, to teach our child(ren) where it really comes from, to be healthier, and cut our grocery bill, to give back to the community, our list of reasons go on and on.
I have a feeling that we will be frequenting this blog often. :) Thank you.