Local is Better & Grass-fed is Greener...

Local food is gaining attention, and the public is becoming more aware how it supercedes the organic factory fare from California and far off countries... with little accountability.

A few local stories this week about Grass-fed beef (featuring yours truly, Farmer Brad)... is helping to draw more attention. One article gave excellent attention to the fact that Michael Pollan's book, The Omnivore's Delima, has created a lot of awareness for local food.

One thing is for sure... who do you trust? The USDA or your local farmer? Knowing who produces your food is the ultimate food security. Buy Local! Buy food that you can trust! It's a thousand miles fresher.

Health benefits of grass-fed beef:

Studies have shown a number of health benefits to eating beef from cows that were 100 percent grass-fed.

* Lower in saturated fats

* Slightly higher in omega-3 fatty acids

* Higher in vitamins A and E

* No antibiotics

* Substantially lower chance of E. coli contamination

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