Our AG Exemption gets Press!

We wanted to share an article about our farm in the Houston Chronicle on April 25th. Many of you are aware of the challenge we have been faced with this year when we were denied our AG exemption back in February (see previous post). We received many letters from you in support of our case, and because of your concern, the news finally got into the hands of Lisa Gray, a journalist with the Houston Chronicle. Lisa came out to our farm last week to investigate, and wrote a beautiful report on our farm (read below). Having a journalist interested in this issue was both a surprise and a concern, as we did not want to upset our county appraisers, however, we considered this dilemma, from the very beginning, as another educational opportunity for local food and sustainable agriculture.

Needless to say, our county appraisers came back out that morning, after reading the article, taking photos and re-evaluating our agricultural enterprise. The appraisers were more than friendly and gracious, and by the time the farm tour was over, we were all smiling together as they rewarded us our AG exemption!

Lisa Gray did a follow-up piece announcing the good news which was published in the April 27th Houston Chronicle.

Thanks to all our friends and community, for your support and encouragement. We could not do it without you!

-Farmer Brad

The Articles:

E-I-E. You Owe.
All's Sweet now down on the farm.

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